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October 2005 Photo Essay

Quilting in the Garden Photos

My living room, two days before leaving for California; it was quite a job labeling all these quilts, labeling the black leaf bags each of them went into, and expelling the air from the bag so we could get as many quilts as we could into each suitcase!

Ruth Harris Photography

Then once we got to Livermore, we unpacked the suitcases and put the quilts in stacks according to categories like Sampler Quilts, Easy Pieces, Strips that Sizzle, etc., checking off three different lists as we went along! Cyndee then made the decision of which quilts would hang on which line in which part of the nursery; each line had to have a balance of large and small quilts, for weight limitations.

Janet M. Freiland Photograph

Such a typical picture of me: taking the last few stitches at the very last minute!!!

Janet M. Freiland Photography

It took two and a half hours to unpack the 9 suitcases of quilts; but this sunset was our reward as we left Alden Lane…

“The MillerQuilts Team” in their red MillerQuilts, Inc. “uniform” shirts; L-R, Bernie Frieland, Me, Martha Alexander, my sister Janet Freiland.

Early Saturday morning, part of the lineup of helpers, ready to pin quilts to lines, and hold them so they don’t touch the ground. Two different teams fanned out over the nursery, and got 135 quilts hung in record time…

Jacquie Williams-Courtright Photography

Early Saturday morning, during the hanging of the quilts; Me with camera in hand, with Alex Anderson, the spirit behind this show. Thank you, Alex, for the opportunity to experience this event…and for your friendship and support over the years…

Jacquie Williams-Courtright Photography

MillerQuilts “headquarters” under the huge heritage oak tree in the center of Alden Lane Nursery. The nursery is laid out like a labyrinth, and this tree is at the heart of it…

The walking tours were fun for me not only remembering stories associated with each quilt; but each quilt brought back memories of things happening in my life at the time I was making it. So this weekend was an amazing sentimental journey for me…

Jacquie Williams-Courtright Photography

David A. Miller Photography

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