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On the Road Again . ..

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Just returned from the AQS Show in Knoxville, TN; where it was hot and humid! But the layout was such that the quilts were easy to see, and of course there were many delightful vendors!
Was delighted to have a chance to visit the Knoxville Museum of Art, which had an exhibit of photos by three photographers of southern culture in the 30’s. What a surprise that one of them was the famous author Eudora Welty! Never knew she was a photographer in addition to being a well-known and well-loved writer. Apparently she used her brownie box camera to help her focus on the people and places, events and non-events around her, which of course made her books that much richer.
Am leaving for a vacation for a week–no laptop, no work, for the first time in my life! Am not going far; plan to mosey along the Columbia River on the border of Oregon and Washington, using a wonderful book “Off the Beaten Path” (by Todd Litman & Suzanne Kort; 4th edition, 2001)
When I get back, I’ll figure out how to upload photos onto this blog!