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At last! Accurate templates for cutting and sewing half-rectangle triangles!

    •    No more guesswork about how to trim the excess fabric from the elongated point of the triangle before sewing!
    •    Diagonal seams exit the pieced rectangle exactly where they should!
    •    Make sharp points meet precisely at the corners of the blocks when the blocks are sewn together!
    •    Make a simple design look complex with the addition of the half-diagonal line, which is on every template!
    •    Each triangle template makes two sizes: full- and half-size

Templates available as Starter Sets or Complete Sets of all 13 templates.  Starter sets (and Complete Set with Booklets) come with instructional booklets which include patterns for 3 quilts and 21 quilt blocks that use the set’s enclosed templates.  Complete sets available either with the four design booklets, or with only a “Cutting Guide Basics” sheet instead of the booklets. 

Note: AnglePlay™ Template Starter Sets build on each other; some of the block patterns in Set 2 require using some of the templates in Set 1, and so on.

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Sunday, January 25, 2015